Embrace 2021 Issue 4 Too Cold to Move

Too Cold to Move!

If you are feeling too cold to move, then you are not alone this winter! After all, its…

25 July, 2021
Woman cross country skiing along a ski track Embrace 2021 Issue 4

Sliding Cross Country

Cross Country Skiing is great way to explore the flatter terrain on mountain trails, stay fit over winter,…

25 July, 2021

Financial Horizons

Have you ever looked out to the distance as you stood at the beach or on hill and…

10 July, 2021

Finding Yourself

I was tremendously inspired reading about Australian Women of the Year 2019 recipient Emma Gierschick whose personal story…

15 May, 2021

The Pleasure of Caring

We have some wonderful people in our community. People who care for others. People who know that each…

1 May, 2021